ASCENSION | Manifestation

VI. Root Chakra Conception By Saffron W. Hayes December 21st, 2017 VI. ASCENSION | Manifesting Reality Techniques to Manifestation #awake #ascend  Manifesting Reality Procedure This procedure is intended for using the orgasm or sexual climax of accumulated sexual energy from the Base Chakra manifestation into the higher form of conception Sexual Response Cycle 1. Excitement … [Read more…]


V. Channeling Dimensional Shift By Saffron W. Hayes December 21st, 2017 V. ASCENSION | 3D vs. 5D Realities Techniques to Ascension #awake #ascend #0010110 Welcome Light Worker A Light Worker is a person using light energy to overcome the evil of darkness. In Star Wars the Jedi would say “The Force is with you”. This … [Read more…]

ASCENSION | Connection

IV. 0010110 | Network By Saffron W. Hayes December 21st, 2017 III. ASCENSION | Angles and influence Techniques to connect with your higher self #awake #0010110 LIGHT WORKER The collective consciousness of Earth is the playground of a new 5D reality now coming online. People in 2017, started to rally together and share information in … [Read more…]

ASCENSION | Remote Viewing

III. US Military Training By Saffron W. Hayes December 21st, 2017 III. ASCENSION | Remote Viewing Manual Manuals and techniques #awake Celebrate! This is magnificent news! This is a wondrous discover for many people trying to find truth in magic and meditation. America, Germany and Russian have all invested into the development of Remote Viewing … [Read more…]

ASCENSION | Millennial’s

I. No place to be? What to do with myself? #awake If you are born after 1984 and know something is wrong with your current reality, I ask you to consider the following questions. The resistance, who are there? Is it possible that the Anonymous Resistance is of Extraterrestrial origins? Is is possible that the … [Read more…]

ASCENSION | Chakra Awakening

II. Chakra Awakening | Introduction By Saffron W. Hayes December 21st, 2017 I. ASCENSION | Introduction Chakra Awakening Meditation #awake This meditation will focus on the seven different energy centers in the human body and the aura’s associated with them. Follow along and learn how to use these energy sources. Sit comfortably, close your eyes. … [Read more…]

Citizen SSN Banking Update

*** UPDATE!! *** October 19th 2017 *************** My experience going down this rabbit hole has been very enlightening.  Remember it is the Cabal you are fighting, not the law.  It is the bankers, the 1% and the Elite whom sit at the top of the financial pyramid.  If you decide to go up against this … [Read more…]

Citizen SSN Banking

IV. CITIZENRY | SSN Banking Pay your debts with your Trust account! #EndTheFed President Lincoln in 1965 attempted to free the slaves by passing into congress the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment of a crime. This was the first constitutional provision to directly limit the rights and freedoms of … [Read more…]

Clean Water Oroville

More than 180,000 residents living downstream of the Oroville Dam along the Feather River had to evacuate on February 22nd, 2017. The mainstream media did not cover the incident very effective. The National Guard was called into help facilitate the evacuation. Many residents feared for there life and property. During the enormous rainfall in early … [Read more…]