The Multi-headed snake meditation

Submitted by Saffron on Sat, 09/29/2018 - 00:59
Saffron Multi-headed Snake Meditation

This is one of my most important meditations.  How does one identify the multi-headed serpent in your mind’s eye and how do you get rid of it?

Your vertebra is the snake in your body and the head meets with the three brains; reptilian brain, mammalian brain and the pineal gland.  These are the tree main forms of consciousness your mind deals with on a moment to moment basis.  In this meditation we focus on the different forms your consciousness has, first connecting with the snake brain, then the mammalian brain giving each persona in the mind’s eye a name.  Reviewing your pass memories, identify the emotional personas that guide your actions and then give them each there own name.  This is critical, because as you go through your day to day life you will notice which one of the many serpent heads is talking and guiding your actions.  

By singling out the serpent persona you are un-identifying with your higher-self with that talking persona.  With this insight and ability to see the persona in action you can then begin to predict what that persona is going to tell you do.  A persona can have multiply emotions within it that are communicating and guiding your higher-self and your daily actions.  The personas that lead your life are always changing.  Once you have identified all the major personas, step two is asking them to leave.  When this ‘cutting down of the snake heads’ is achieved, all that is left in your mind’s eye is your higher self.  Using Shakti energy cut the source of the persona liberating you from the serpent talking voice.