Sexual Energy and Manifestation Meditation

Submitted by Saffron on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 17:48
Saffron Sexual Energy Meditation

This is a very taboo subject in today’s spiritual conversations and is very powerful in helping people achieve their goals or achieve what they want to achieve in their life.

Obviously there is a yin and yang to this world and you can potentially use this as a way to lower your vibrations and you can also potentially use this as a way to raise your vibrations.  This meditation has three steps:

  1. Inception –when you create a new idea
  2. Aspiration –when you aspire an idea outward into the world
  3. Inspiration –where you inspire the world to manifest

First you have the inception, which is the dream that you believe to be true.  Once the dream is created you open those floodgates to the great beyond.  Then you see all the potential possibilities of that idea, of that dream.  Walk across the bridge into the Great Unknown to be with that dream.  

This act of being with your dream in meditation will force you to aspire.  This can cause your body to literally sweat and sometimes when you heat up you feel energy surging through your body and if you go far enough you will connect with your higher self and then with source.  When you are connected you share that dream with source.  The aspiration is the feeling and energy from which you gain from that connection.  When this occurs people will physically or mentally see it and the world will experience your aspiration; inspiring humanity to further that dream or continue on with that dream.