Helping People in Lower Vibration Meditation

Submitted by Saffron on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 18:10
Saffron Lower Vibrations Meditation

Staying in higher vibration and helping other people in lower vibrations; A meditation to help people ascend.  

This ascension meditation is to help people work through the difficulties of raising their vibration.  

You can help other people that you see in a lower vibration then you but it is very difficult.  You can’t go to someone in a lower vibration then you and say to them “You are really depressed and anxious all the time you have to stop that”, because they will become defensive and then act out against you or act out in an unhealthy way and possibly lower there vibrations further.  

When you do this meditation, you want to do it in a way that is teaching other people the difference in vibration levels and is best down without direct verbal communication.    When the mind is in lower vibration, it will want to be in control and sometimes you can fall so low in vibration you are almost unconscious, because your brain is trying to deal with your life and is troubled causing you to constantly lash out at other people and yourself.  This mind act is preventing you from remembering what you are supposed to be doing and from being healthy.  

If you notice someone in lower vibration and you want to help them ascend, there has to be a certain level of commitment from that person whom wants to ascend.  Be sure the participant wants to truly ascend.  You can’t make anyone ascend or descend, because it is a voluntary process where you have to choose from within that this is something they really want to do.  If there is that initiative and you think they are serious enough to follow this truth and want to figure this out, then my suggestion is to go back and forth with them in lower and higher vibrations in a loving way.  If the participant is in a low vibration, then you have to lower your vibration to meet them at whatever level they are at, communicating with them.  

Sometimes you have to say things you would not necessarily want to say, because you don’t normally hang out at this vibration level.  You have to go down there to meet the participant and communicate, otherwise there mind is not going to be able to relate to what you are talking about.  This communication gap needs to be bridged, by dropping down your vibration level to meet and communicate with them and then quickly ascend back into a higher vibration.  This back and forth needs to be down on a regular basis, until they realize and see what you are doing and what you are doing is teaching them of the different levels of vibration.  Ultimately, you want to get them to slowly raise their vibration until you are both humming the same.