Channeling the Galactic Federation of Light by Saffron Hayes

Submitted by Saffron on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 01:47
Saffron channeling

I was not in the right mind set this morning to receive communications, so I am doing it live for the first time performing like this here.  I have recently just started doing channeling work and prior to this channeling I normally wrote down everything that was told to me and those channeling can be seen on my playlist called “New Earth Meditations”.  

How channeling works: 
1. Leading up to the moment of contact mentally prepare for channeling 
2. Connect your energy with source energy (Gaia/God or source)
3. Establish connection with various entities to communicate with 

How do you know that you are actually communicating with an entity and not imagining everything, making it all up?
What you are communicating is not something you can imagine.  That is the only way to truly know and only you can know that.  You have to be good at perceiving what imagination is and what is outside of your imagination and knowing that difference.   That boundary is hard to see because it is in the grey area, because there is imagination involved in any sort of meditation or any sort of mental work.  This is an art form and any kind of art form requires creativity and any sort of creativity does require imagination.  The things I write down in my journal while channeling are not things that I have ever thought about or have ever imagined before.  This grey area distinction is the key difference between imagination and channeling.   Leading up to the moment of contact, I will prepare myself by saying affirmations like, “I am going to be channeling here in a few minutes, please connect with me then”.  This allows for your consciousness and the consciousness of our reality to see you intention and is key to making successful contact.