Channeling Ashtar on Halloween by Saffron Hayes

Submitted by Saffron on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 01:58
Saffron Channeling on Halloween

We the Galactic Federation of Light welcome you.  We see you and your beautiful town.  We are so delighted!  Humanity is on the precipices of change.  This is a very troubling and difficult time for many people; as change is a difficult thing to overcome for many people.  This is a good change that everyone will like.  

This is a change that will bring about peace, prosperity and freedom.  This is a change to end your suffering and all your common troubles you see on a day to day basis.  This will be a reconstruction of everything.  A reconstruction of your thoughts, a reconstruction of your history, a reconstruction of your knowledge, a reconstruction of your electrical systems, of your community and a reconstruction of your work, work ethic, friendships, ethics is general; this will be a change.  

I ask that all of you stay strong, stay connected, stay true to your roots, your traditions and that knowledge that has been passed down to you from generation to generation.  It is in these times that change and that full knowledge will help you the most.  That knowledge was planted here to aid you in these particular troubling times.  As humanity steps off the planet and begins a new life in the Stars, there comes new responsibilities in holding this peace and bringing Heaven to the universe and it is not easy, nor is it fun, but it is better.   We are waiting for you and all the Galactic friends and family are waiting and watching.  We are listening to your prayers.  We are aiding where we can, where we think is the most beneficial way to help you and Earth for the greater good and greater consciousness.  

It is thus imperative, that you have this distinction that you are asking Angles to assist you.  You are not asking for or a rewrite or for God to fix everything.  We are all in this together and this requires teamwork.  This is not about one Angle or one Person ruling them all.  This is about the collective consciousness governing our Universe and this Galaxy.  This is about a reunion of energies from across all your planets in the Solar System and a reunion back to the Primary Source.  This is the energy force that has gotten us this far.  

We are no longer interested in destroying this World.  We are no longer interested in enslaving humanity.  We are no longer interested in the abuses that have happened to humanity.  We ask for your forgiveness, we ask for your support and we ask that you are aligned with this change.  Together, as One Earth and One Federation, we can build a better new life for everyone and everything that our light touches.  Humans will be beacons of higher vibration and that we will become beacons throughout the Universe, aiding other sentient species of life on their journey and their story in their timeline, bringing this angelhood to your humanity.  We ask that you have no fear and that you are able to release blockage and that you are able to connect in union and focus on this change.